December 29, 2009

SNSD bullied Hankyung [clarification]

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akhir nya ..

berita yang selama ini membingung kan kita ,, dateng juga clarifikasi nya ..haha

rumor yg bilang kalo SNSD ngetawain Mas Han pas lagi nari tradisional lah ,, ato yg SNSD ngomentarin rambut pirang nya Mas Han lah ..

hahahaha ..

ternyata semua rumor itu salah kawan ! haha

semua ini hanya di buat sama anti fans ..

aku udah ngira sih .. ga mungkin kan mereka ngelakuin itu . mereka itu deket banget , satu perusahaan dan udah kaya keluarga sendiri .. ya kan ?

Currently, an article from was published saying that the reason for Hangeng’s termination of contract was because he was bullied by the members of SNSD. SNSD’s Baidu Bar has made a post clarifying these rumors.

A rough summary of the Baidu post:

On 23 December, a Chinese fansite released the news that “Hangeng was insulted many times by SNSD, Kim Heechul couldn’t take it”. The source of the news was from an anti SNSD group, and the local media took the Antis’ fabricated news and published it. This is the first time something like this has happened.

One of the rumors was that the SNSD girls were in Super Junior’s waiting room, and saw Hangeng with blonde hair. She accused him of dying his hair blonde to become like a Korean. However, this is UNTRUE as the period where Hangeng had blonde hair was in 2006, while SNSD debuted in August 2007 (At that time, Hangeng had white hair). Since SNSD had yet to debut, why would they be sharing a waiting room?

Another rumor was that Hangeng performed a traditional dance on a variety show, and was insulted and laughed at by the SNSD girls. Hangeng has performed the traditional dance many times on programs, but he has only performed it 3 times in Korea. Out of these 3 times, 2 of them were in 2006. As for the performance in 2007, the female guest was Lee Sooyoung. Antis might have seen it and gotten Lee Sooyoung mixed up with SNSD’s Choi Sooyoung.

The third rumor mentioned was that during a SMtown interview, the MC asked if Hangeng had taught the girls Chinese, and SNSD responded disrespectfully saying that they should be teaching Hangeng Chinese instead, resulting in forced laughter from Hangeng. However, there was no such SMtown interview, it was an exclusive SNSD interview with TOM Entertainment. Tiffany was quoted saying “We don’t meet up with him (Hangeng) often, but when we bump into each other, we would smile and greet each other. When with the (SNSD) members he is closer to, they would ask how each other is doing.” The interview was done in a formal way, just like a regular exchange, and Hangeng was not around during the interview.

The last rumor was that Hangeng was insulted by a SNSD member for coming to Korea. This exchange was said to have made Heechul unhappy, and he had previously mentioned it in his cyworld. However, the truth is, Heechul has never mentioned this incident in his cyworld, it was fabricated by antis.

Source: SNSD Baidu Bar
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may take out with full credits

nahh .. itu quote nya ..

dari situ kita tau kalo semua ini cuma rumor ..haha

bagus baguss  ..



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